According the provisions of law 4569/2018, at DSS registered and monitored, in accounting records, the Securities that are non-listed or listed for trading on Athens Stock Exchange or in the Alternative Market (shares, Greek Government bonds, Corporate bonds) , Rights, Depository receipts, warrants). Non-listed securities have previously been dematerialized are also registered. There is also a book of shareholders for non-listed securities. 
In the context of the Foreign securities services developed by ATHEXCSD according to the authorizations provided by Law 3756/2009, at DSS are kept or monitored, with accounting entries, foreign securities that are registered in a foreign Depository. 
DSS, as a securities settlement system, is included in the provisions of Law 2789/2000 concerning the adaptation of Greek law to Directive 98/26 of the European Parliament on the irrevocability of settlement in payment systems and financial instrument settlement systems.
DSS Participants of which may be ATHEX Members (including remote Members), Custodians, Foreign Central Securities Depositories and System Administrators. ATHEXclear, with its role as a Securities and Derivatives Clearing System Administrator, participates at DSS as a Participant. Also, as Special Participant in DSS is the Consingment & Loans Fund for the maintenance of mandatory consingments.






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