HELEX, being the Administrator of the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS) and acting as a Central Securities Depository (CSD) in accordance with Law 3756/2009, offers Investors the following services:

  1. Information provision
  2. Changes in Investor Share reference data
  3. OTC transfers
  4. Transfers due to inheritance
  5. Pledges
  6. Usufructs
  7. Special Services

To receive the above services, investors can contact the offices of the CSD (Investor Service) in Athens or Thessaloniki, submitting an application, either in person or by mail following the respective instructions, as appropriate.

In addition, through the AXIAweb service, investors are able to receive information in electronic form, regarding their Securities Account held in the Dematerialised Securities System (DSS).

For more information, please contact "Central Registry - Investors Services Desk".

National client identifiers for individuals with Greek nationality to be used in MiFID II transaction reports

According to COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2017/590 of 28 July 2016 supplementing Regulation (EU) No 600/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to regulatory technical standards for the reporting of transactions to competent authorities, the national Identifying client codes for individuals with a Greek Nationality are defined as follows:

Country Name 1st priority identifier 2nd priority identifier
  GR  Greece 10-digit Investor Share Code in the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS) CONCAT


Α. With regards to the 1st priority identifier:

  1. An individual should contact a DSS Operator in order to obtain an Investor Share Code in the DSS.
  2. An individual having previously traded on securities listed on the Athens Stock Exchange may already own an Investor share code number in the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS).
  3. ATHEXCSD offers to investors a look-up service by which they are able to be informed of their existing Investor Share Codes. Investors interested to get this service should submit the Investor Share Search Application (ΑΙΤ007) to ATHEXCSD either in person or by post mail. The application should be accompanied by a signature authenticity certification. The service is charged to the applicant at a fee of €0.05 per printed page, with a minimum fee of €5 (plus VAT) or at a fixed fee of €5 (plus VAT) in case the information is provided in optical media -CD- (ATHEXCSD BoD Decision 1, article 36).


B. With regards to the 2nd priority identifier:

In case an individual does not own and does not wish to obtain an Investor Share code in the DSS, he is required to use the CONCAT identifier that is consisted of the following elements:

(a) Date of birth (YYYYMMDD)

(b) First five characters of the first name

(c) First five characters of the surname







Composite index



Asset Publisher