The EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation) imposes to the counterparties and CCP of derivatives transaction, the obligation to report detailed information about the transactions, to Trade Repository (TR).

ATHEXClear provides the EMIR TR Service, in order to facilitate the Members and their customers, to fulfill their obligations.

The EMIR TR Service provides the option to the Clearing Member to delegate the Trades Reporting to the ATHEXClear, for the following cases:

  • Reporting for any transaction entered into by the Clearing Member in the ATHEX Derivatives Market with ATHEXClear and the customers thereof, for which the Clearing Member is a reporting counterparty.
  • Reporting for any transaction entered into by the Clearing Member's Authorizing Customers with the Clearing Member in the ATHEX Derivatives Market, for which the Authorizing Customers are reporting counterparties.
  • Reporting on Derivatives transactions concluded over the counter or in other organized/regulated markets by the Clearing Member or the Authorizing Customers thereof, for which the Clearing Member or the Authorizing Customers thereof are reporting counterparties, respectively.

Please find below the corresponding documents, the material and also the links concerning the new service:

Documents - Material
 Description Files

1. Application - Contract of EMIR TR Service

Application - Contract for the procurement of the EMIR TR Service, concerning the participation of the Clearing Member to the EMIR TR Service

2. General Terms of the Contract of EMIR TR Service

The general terms of the contract (are part of the contract).

3. Technical Specifications of  EMIR TR Service (Applied from 14/12/2020)

The technical specifications of the service (are part of the contract). Also, the present document contains information about the way in which ATHEX Clear reports the transactions.

4. Pricing Policy of EMIR TR Service (applicable from 01/01/2023)

Detailed description of the pricing policy for the EMIR TR Service. 

5. Customer details file template for transactions cleared by ATHEX Clear
A template for the Customer details file that the Clearing Members should submit to the ATHEX Clear, in order to register their customers' data for the needs of EMIR TR Service.
6. File registration application user manual
User Manual for the WEB application for submission of the files, according to the EMIR TR Service.
7. File Template for Clients' Guarantees (Applied from 30/10/2017)
File template for Clients' Guarantees. This file have to be uploaded on a daily basis if Clearing Member calculates margin differently than ATHEXClear.
8. Notification due to LEI code changes
Description of the notification procedure due to LEI code changes.

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