The AXIAline is an Issuers' Online Information system through which issuers receive the information they need for the update of their shareholders' logs.

Main Services

The information that an Issuer may receive via AXIAline is described below

  • Retrieving Files
    • Shareholders' File
    • Participation in General Assembly
    • Commitment to exercised Rights
    • Fractional balances of corporate actions
    • Cash distributions
    • Transferring trades
    • Titles' conversion
  • Information
    • Charges of Transferring trades
    • Password Change

When and how

ATHEX GROUP transfers electronically to listed companies the information files regarding their Shareholders.

  • Daily receipt of the changes in the shareholders' files (TRN files).
  • Update for the changes in the shareholders' file following a corporation action or upon request of the Issuer.
  • Update for fractional balances, rights etc.

See the Description of Communicational Files with Issuers (TRN, CRP) and the Agreement on the Provision of Electronic Information.

See the Description of Communicational Files with Issuers (TRN, CRP) which will take effect from ATHEXCSD's CSDR licensing in September 2020.

The system's access is continuous (7 days per week, 24 hours per day).

A person authorized by the issuer is permitted access to AXIAline, using a unique username and password.

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