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HELLENIC  EXCHANGES -ATHENS  STOCK  EXCHANGE  (ATHEX)  is  the  parent  company  of  the  Group  that supportsthe  operation  of  the  Greek  capital  market.The  parent  company  and  its  subsidiaries  operate the organized  cash  and  derivatives  markets,  carry  out  trade  clearing,  settlement  and  registration  of securities,   provide   comprehensive   IT   solutions   to   the   Greek   capital   market   and   promote   the development of capital markets culture in Greece.

The Company was founded in 2000, and its privatization was completed in 2003. The Company's shares are   listed   on   the   Athens   Stock  Exchange   since August   2000.Following   a   series   of   corporate transformations, the Group obtained its current structure in 2013.

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