HELEX Group, in its aim to reinforce ties with the higher education institutions, has developed a collaboration framework with universities and similar educational institutions in Greece.

Under this scheme, HELEX Group aims to bring tomorrow's market executives, in touch with the practice and the essence of the stock market practices represented by the Group. In addition, the Group aims to successfully reinforce professors' efforts to combine their proven teaching skills with practical aspects taken from the everyday business activity.

In line with the above mentioned principles, the following activities that represent collaborations have been accomplished so far:

  1. Presentations within the premises of educational institutions where executives of HELEX present issues of common interest.
  2. Seminars conducted by HELEX, where university professors teach the audience topics that are currently popular.
  3. Support offered to university students (on any level i.e. graduate, post-graduate etc.) with their projects, in subjects that fall within the Group's spectrum of interests.
  4. Speeches, presentations and educational activities mutually conducted.
  5. Student visits to HELEX offices.
  6. Student participation in HELEX internship programs.

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For more information and clarifications, please contact the Education / Certification Service of HELEX by clicking here.



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