Corporate Social Responsibility


The level of Corporate responsibility that the state, the enterprises and the individuals demonstrate, is a key feature, common to all advanced societies and economies.

CSR is expressed among other tracks through enterprises. CSR is the essential expression of the social responsibility of the enterprises. The work environment is one of the areas in need of social responsibility and in which companies can implement CSR programs. Moreover CSR policies can be applied in sectors such as the environment and sustainable management, human kind and education.

We at the HELEX Group believe that CSR is a concern for all of us. In a society that is constantly evolving none of us can remain uncaring. We all have the same responsibility towards the society and the environment. Our Group operates in a constantly changing global environment and Is daily confronted with challenges related to its efficiency and in its presence as an integral member of the social and economic landscape. All of us have equal responsibility towards society and the environment. Our Group operates in an increasingly globalized environment and metallomeno confronted daily with challenges related to efficiency and in his presence as an integral member of the social and economic mainstream.

For us, CSR is directly related to the concept of sustainable development has a voluntary type of actions and constitutes a strategic choice.


Helex Group CSR Policies

With the implementation of CSR practices the creation of a mutual relationship with benefits for all participants is achieved. Such a grid of social activities includes shareholders, suppliers, employees as well as the society in which we operate, as a whole.

The protection of the environment, the awareness for humans, the education and the culture through a series of activities concerning financial support and voluntary actions, are the basic ‘investments' of our Group.

The framework of the actions that we recognize as important and necessary for the long term robustness of our Company within the society, is along the following axes:

Investment in knowledge

  • Investment in our human resources,
  • Protection of the environment,
  • Respect for human rights,
  • Offer to groups of people that are socially excluded,
  • Contribution to the development of culture,
  • Increasing knowledge and development of the institution and the values of the exchange.


Helex Group CSR program

Helex Group continues a program of activities about the environment, humans  and education.

"I recycle - I turn off the lights - I think before I print - I participate -

I offer - I support - I contribute - I learn - I educate - I plan"

We try to contribute to the reduction of poverty by supporting the activities of relevant voluntary groups. We continue our efforts for the protection of the environment with every day actions of recycling and simple practices regarding the operation of our building targeting energy saving. We provide and support an educational program for students and market professionals aiming to the development of the capital market culture. As a member of the CSR Global Impact Network Hellas we support its efforts for the promotion of Corporate Responsibility in both corporate and social level and the achievement  of a balance between profit and sustainable development.



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